In 1978 forty eight acres of land was leased to the Local Improvement District of Trinity to establish a Municipal Park. Under amalgamation the Park became the responsibility of the Town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity. In 1999 a committee with a renewed interest in further developing the area, and with the support of the Centreville-Wareham-Trinity Recreation Commission began to plan hiking trails, picnic and camping sites. With a grant from the Provincial Government, approximately one km of trail-way was cleared and graveled. Board-walks were built over wet areas and a wooden bridge, suitable for pedestrian traffic and bicycles was constructed over Black’s Brook. Since that time extensive use has been made of that trail, especially by the youth of the area who hike to South West Pond for swimming.

The continuation of graveling the trail from Black’s Brook Park entrance to South West Pond and returning to the point where South West Brook meets the highway (Route 320) is the first objective of the committee. Blacks Brook Park

Local residents and travelers will be encouraged to use the area through the use of signage and bill-boards at the entrances. Also, these bill-boards will show in diagram form how the area was used for logging and the production of lumber and including some history of the area, which was the reason for the settling in Trinity. For the more daring and physical fit, hiking trails are planned to take visitors to the top of Bell-Hill and for the extremely fit to the top of the Sloes Head. At both locations viewing stands will be built where one can take in the scenic beauty of the surrounding area. Educating the residents of the area of the wonderful resource that we have in our midst would be part of the development plan and would become the responsibility of the Committee and the Recreation Commission.
Black's Brook Park Falls