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Anglican Church Women (ACW) - Centreville Gladys Hunt St. Barnabas Anglican Church 678-2554    
Anglican Church Women (ACW) - Trinity Margaret Parsons St. Agatha's Anglican Church 678-2243    
Anglican Church Women (ACW) - Wareham Francis Pickett St. John the Baptist Anglican Church 678-2233    
Anglican Rectory Rev. David Coffin  678-2507    
Bay-to-Bay Icebreakers Hockey Corey Pickett      
Black's Brook Park Committee Sam Gibbons  678-2718    
Central Arena  393-397 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-6207   
Central Health  Public Health Nurse  678-2574    
Central Health  Continuing Care Coordinator  T: 678-6356 F: 678-2095    
Centreville Academy (Grade K to 8) Ms. Trina Rogers - Principal 2 Memory Lane, PO Box 10 Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2833    
CWT Fire Department Fire Chief Bob Parsons 355 JW Pickersgill Blvd., PO Box 89 Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2380    
CWT Firettes Sharon Tucker  522-2013    
CWT Recreation Commission Brad Gibbons (Chair)   
Duck Unlimited  Marjorie Horlick 678-2204 and Shane Noble       
Fire Hall Rental Ann Matthews  678-6249    
Frosty Figures Figure Skating Club Tracey Hounsell   
Hare Bay - Dover Family Resource Centre   537-2990    
Indian Bay Air Cadets Natasha Matchim  678-8323    
Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC)  1 Country Road, Indian Bay, NL A0G 2V0 522-3222   
Indian Bay Harbour Authority Gerard Hounsell  678-2039   
Indian Bay Lions Club       
Indian Bay Snowmobile & ATV Club Inc.  Ambrose Hunt PO Box 172, Wareham NL A0G 4P0 678-2495    
Intertown Public Library Veronica Rogers  Centreville Academy - 2 Memory Lane, Centreville 678-2700 Hours of Operation: Tues & Weds: 12:35pm to 4:30pm and 6:00pm-8:00pm Thurs: 9:30am to 11:30am and 12:45pm to 3:45pm   
New Visions 50+ Club Earl Horlick  678-2204    
Resettler's Museum Lydia Parsons  678-6344    
TOPS Juanita Hoben  678-2581    
Walk for Brock Jill PIckett  678-2085    
Winter Carnival Committee Lorraine Ackerman  678-2546    
Women's Institute (WI) Mae Button  678-2253    
Best View Homes Inc. Vera Waterman Wareham 709-678-2083    
Centreville Medical Clinic  4 St. Barnabas Dr., Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2342    
C.H. Parsons & Sons Bob Parsons 431 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Centreville  678-2880    
Clean 4 You Maid Service Peggy Budgell  709-678-7143   
Fancy Flowers Ashley Fancy Wareham 709-536-6938    
Fiberglass Works Ltd. Glenn Meadus 415-417 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-6227   
Green Acre Lounge Ambrose Hunt 433 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2748    
Indian Bay Frozen Foods  357-359 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2844    
JDP Services Inc. Judy Pickett 18 Pickett Ave., Centreville, NL A0G 4P0 678-6269    
J.O.B. Contracting Ltd. Owen Waterman PO Box 266, Centreville, NL A0G 4P0 709-678-2083 or 709-678-8053 (cell)    
Kittiwake Kuts Dana Brown 5 Pine Bud Ave., Trinity 522-3373    
Matthews Construction and Electrical Ltd. Bill Matthews PO Box 212, Wareham NL A0G 4P0 678-6370    
Midway Convenience Lucy Cutler & Dave Snelgrove 448-450 JW Pickersgill Blvd., PO Box 40 Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2825    
Mr. Odd Jobs Perry Cook  678-2272    
New Wood Manufactures  Bill Noble 369 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2755   
Nick's Home Construction Inc. Jesse Pickett Centreville, Nl A0G 4P0 678-2592    
Pickett's Gas Bar Jennifer & Mike Ackerman 407 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2865    
R & D Variety Della Brown 147 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Trinity NL A0G 4L0 678-6294    
Roadside Grocery & Hardware Pansy Rogers 468 JW Pickersgill Blvd., PO Box 77 Wareham NL A0G 4P0 678-2847    
Rogers Enterprises Ltd.  67 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Trinity NL A0G 4P0 678-2535    
Silly Nelly Beauty Salon Shanelle Rogers 70 Bayview Heights Ext., Wareham 709-235-0855    
Sincerely Yours Funeral Home Jennifer Pender 421 JW Pickersgill Blvd 678-2525    
Sunset Grill & Motel  379-381 JW Pickersgill Blvd. Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2080    
The Hub Lounge Vanessa Hunt 377 JW Pickersgill Blvd. Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-6328    
The Paw Spa Denise Halliday 7 Pine Bud Ave. 571-4248    
Tickled Pink Kelly Ann Pickett  678-2310    
Trinity Hair Leanne Maher 6 Aspen Grove Rd 522-2042   
Versatile Stones Inc. John Verville 10 St. Barnabas Dr. Centreville NL A0G 4P0 678-2177   
Washed Ashore Antiques and Coffee Bar Kirk White 42 JW Pickersgill Blvd., Trinity 522-3001    
Wood-Pick Enterprises Ltd. Andrew Ackerman 9 Spurrell's Lane, Wareham NL A0G 4P0 678-2848    
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