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Councillor Joseph Pollett


Joseph G Pollett

Born: April 11, 1949, New Harbour, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador.

I went to school in New Harbour, T. Bay, Buchans, and Labrador City.  Started work with the Iron Ore Company of Canada in 1968 and got into the trade program and received my 'Red and Gold' millwright papers in 1972. I met my wife, Bernice [Brown], [who, along with her family is originally from Fair Island] during high school in Labrador City. We married and had two children Dion and Nichole. We moved to Bowmanville, Ontario in 1980, and I started work for a steel company in Whitby, ON. We moved to the  small town of Pontypool, ON  in 1986 and I then started work for an automotive supply company in 1999. Retired in 2013 and we decided to move back home to CWT.

 Interest are:

Music: I love singing and playing the guitar,

Sports: Curling, Hockey, Golf. Fishing, [trouting].

Decided to run for council last November, and help make the town of CWT, that I now consider and call home, a better place to live.

Contact Info: 709- 678-2066