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Mayor Samuel Gibbons




Samuel Gibbons was born in Trinity B. Bay and started teaching at the age of 16 in Trouty, Trinity Bay. He attended Memorial University and received BA and BA(Ed) degrees. He spent 22 years teaching in Stephenville and retired in June 1992. He started a garden centre in Trinity in 1994 and closed it in 2007. He has been actively involved in Community life from an early age. Some of his community involvements included, CEAA, Lions Club, Winter Carnival Committee, Church Vestry, Group Home and Cadets.


Samuel Gibbons was elected to council in September 2009 and re-elected in the 2013 Municipal Elections as Councillor and was elected as Mayor in December 2017. Mayor Gibbons chairs the Finance Committee and serves on the Black’s Brook Park Committee.


Contact Info: 678-2718.